Dragon Robes

In the late Zhou dynasty, men and women of the upper class wore long flowing robes. Specific details of color and design indicated the wearer’s rank and status. This dress code initiated by the emperor often wore these garments for rituals and court observances.

The Chinese paper cutouts used in my projects have been a traditional art form for thousands of years. Remembering that paper was invented in China during the Han Dynasty almost 2000 years ago, most of the people with access to paper at that time were usually nobles in royal palaces. Paper cut-outs are still hand cut in China by two methods, scissors or knives.

My Dragon Robes are individually designed and hand-crafted. They are one of a kind. The Japanese silkscreen paper and the traditional Chinese cutouts used in these pieces replicate some of the elaborate silk patterns and embroideries made from long ago. Each tissue paper cut-out is individually applied to create these original art forms.
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15X18 custom mat and framed~ $150.00 + tax and shipping

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