Ichi's are designed with hand selected silk-screened paper from Japan. The Chiyogami papers were inspired from Kimono patterns and then created by Japanese Paper-Makers in the 20th century. Chiyogami is meticulously produced by hand. Each layer of color is silkscreened on individually, so that the color layers lie precisely in relation to each other. The Chiyogami paper used has become a recognized World wide Art form.

The Lokta paper is handmade in the mountains of Nepal from the inner bark of the tree. Lokta paper is ecologically-friendly. The strength of the paper makes it easy to handle and the beauty of it makes you want to use it. Ichi's are individually designed and one of a kind. The embellishments are selected to enhance the energy of the art piece.

In the teachings of Feng Shui, pictures, colors and symbols can be placed in an environment to create influences over our physical and emotional well-being. This creates positive "Chi" which is good-energy in the area of Family, Health, Career, Partnerships, Knowledge, Interest, Fame and Wealth.
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All pieces are professionally framed and matted by The Frame, Sacramento, Ca.

14X17 custom mat and framed~ $125.00 + tax and shipping
18X24 custom mat and framed~ $175.00 + tax and shipping
16X20 Archival Giclee' on Canvas~ $200.00 + tax and shipping